ESP32: firmware development

This section desribes the development workflow and firmware structure for the BADGE.TEAM ESP32 platform firmware.

Getting started

New to development for the ESP32 platform firmware? This section will help you get up-and-running with firmware development.

Adding support for an ESP32 based device

Did you receive an ESP32 based badge at an event for which support is not yet available? Did you build your own ESP32 based device or badge? This section helps get you started with adding support for your badge.

Factory tests and provisioning

Are you organising an event and thinking about using the BADGE.TEAM ESP32 platform firmware on your device? This section explains the features build into the platform firmware for making your life easier. Please note that you might first want to add support for your badge, information for doing that can be found in the section “Adding support for an ESP32 based badge”.